XL’s Solutions Suite offers a range of services from which you can choose based on your needs.
Access any one or more – or select specific features – to achieve your desired results.


  • Extend your capabilities without adding overhead
  • Benefit from a readily available team of highly experienced communications professionals 
  • Provide support for your team whenever you need help
  • Measure success by ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget



For Scholastic Publications, our support began with a small letter writing project. Immediately after, Scholastic invited us to collaborate on all HR communications content, an acquisition toolkit, communications strategy and benefits enrollment. By lending XL’s manpower and expertise, we helped Scholastic prepare managers for open enrollment and anticipate employee questions. The value to Scholastic of saved staff time and employee goodwill was immeasurable.  


  • Build a custom communications platform
  • Engage a diverse workforce
  • Deliver communications more effectively and efficiently

Measure success based on real data to evaluate participation, engagement, productivity, and profitability.



For Montefiore Medical Center and its affiliate organizations, we created a secure, branded communications portal.  This widely used Internet-based platform provides a centralized location for benefits and wellness information plus resources for all Montefiore associates. The site’s single sign-on capability provides personalized benefits content and connects directly to other benefits and wellness sites offered through Montefiore. The portal increased Montefiore’s audience base 300% while reducing communication costs 38%.


  • Provide clear, creative, original content
  • Develop purpose driven messaging
  • Get employees to pay attention, read and take action
  • Measure success from results, feedback, engagement and profitability.



For United Rentals, sales staff turnover was extremely high. We recommended new, original content to help its national network of managers more effectively interview and train new workers. Interview guides, training manuals, and onboarding modules were custom-created and put into the field. Retention quickly improved by 30% and United Rentals calculated cost-saving efficiencies of $1.5 million during the first year.  Our relationship then expanded to include communications for: a new management development program, performance management system, and eventually, HR communications strategy.


  • Design and implement custom communications
  • Ensure consistent, strategic, enterprise-wide communications aligned with company goals
  • Deliver messaging that supports Total Rewards and/or EVP
  • Measure success against stated goals and by tracking engagement, recruitment, retention and business results



For Montefiore Health System, we’ve been a trusted advisor and support partner since the 80’s. As Montefiore has grown in size, number of locations and workforce diversity, XL has responded with more robust management of its employee database, technology infrastructure, and enterprise-wide benefits communications. Today, a wide-reaching network of Montefiore health partners shares a single and recognizable internal brand. 



  • Monitor the impact and ROI of employee communications
  • Obtain feedback that can direct future communications to continuously improve results
  • Measure success by tracking results against goals and evaluating process

Custom tracking surveys, benchmarking, and reviewing carefully selected quantitative data. Plus, we’ll evaluate the overall process and your experience to make sure it works well for you.



For a global hospitality company, we developed and launched communications for their global wellness initiative, which for two consecutive years included a contest. We used a variety of print media in both years. In year two, we used social media for contest submissions – the first time this client used social media. The response was dramatic. In spite of more modest prizes, contest entries soared by more than 70% over the prior year.

The client’s response (VP, Benefits):
Hiring XL Communications was the best decision we ever made.”