It's Not Too Late to Get Help With Annual Enrollment


1. Late in finalizing your healthcare plans?
2. Struggling to explain the changes?
3. Running out of time to produce communications?


Not a problem. We help solve these issues every fall. 

Before working with us, our clients often found themselves pushing out last-minute information packages or using free generic plan materials that were confusing to employees and easy to ignore. Now, they're able to customize their benefits communications, create helpful enrollment guides and decision tools, and get in front of deadlines and costly problems before they happen. Employees understand benefits choices and the impact those decisions have on their physical and financial well-being. And, HR wastes very little time answering basic questions, so they spend more time improving engagement and handling other matters critical to their success. 

If you could still improve your annual enrollment communications, would you?

Our goal is to help make your employee communications as efficient and effective as possible. We will work with you to solve problems, or plan the future. 

Learn how by contacting us at (203) 761-8841 or by emailing Jeff at [email protected].