Four Advantages of Working With an Outsider


We're outsiders, consultants, specialists. Organizations often tell us that their policy is to handle all employee communications in house because "nobody knows our industry and our workers better than we do." When that happens, we don't disagree. We ask if they've considered the limiting effects of such a restriction, along witth the advantages they might be missing as a consequence.

  • Organizations, like people, fall into ruts. It's their tendency to repeat practices that are comfortable and that employees have gotten used to. Good and bad. When we ask "why do you do things that way?", we open a thoughtful conversation that needs to happen.
  • It's a huge advantage to have outsiders ask questions that your industry veterans and company leaders would be embarrassed to ask. We're the ones who point out that the emperor has no clothes, because we've never been hired to keep our mouths shut!
  • Companies aren't likely to get breakthrough ideas from people who've stuck to the same process paths for years. Truly fresh ideas come from people who are totally new to your field. When you hire an outsider, you get more diversity of ideas and transparency of thinking. A priceless advantage for companies that want a culture where the best idea wins.
  • Best of all, when we outsiders are hired to help in a new industry, we apply what we've learned in other industries – and the impact is usually profound and lucrative. Industry newcomers aren't constrained by best practices passed down to them like commandments. We consider your problems from a whole new perspective, and contribute original solutions and opportunities you would have missed on your own.

If you could improve your employee communications, would you work with an outsider?

Our goal is to help make your employee communications as efficient and effective as possible. We will work with you to solve problems, or plan the future. 

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