Groundhog Day Syndrome


  • Feel trapped in a bad process?
  • Recycling the same tired communications year after year?
  • Frustrated with mediocre results?

It's a problem. We call it Groundhog Day Syndrome. 

In the movie Groundhog Day, Phil Connors (Bill Murray) wakes up each morning to find himself reliving the same painful events of one particular day. It's not until he realizes he needs to change his outlook on life and how he treats people that he's able to wake up to a new day.

If you're getting results that meet your goals, by all means stick with what you're doing and enjoy every day. But if you're trapped with the same poor results, maybe it's time to break free, change your methods, and finally see better outcomes.

As busy as you are, TODAY is the day to confront the pain and make some changes. Not the New Year. If your organization has never set goals for its employee communications, don't be discouraged, most companies we talk with haven't. Here's a suggestion: Make a Wish List. List all the things you would like to accomplish in the coming year – without restrictions. Shoot for the moon! Then, prioritize them and list the activities that need to happen in order to reach each goal. You'll feel great doing it. Promise.

Without a vision of what you want to accomplish, chances are you'll continue to suffer the symptoms of GDS and find yourself in the same painful position next year. But if you want the greatest possibility of achieving new and better outcomes, call or e-mail us for help. We'll get you started with a thought-provoking and organized Wish List that finally brings focus to your most important goals.

If you could improve your employee communications, would you?

Our goal is to help make your employee communications as efficient and effective as possible. We will work with you to solve problems, or plan the future. 

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