The Wish List


As kids, we have incredible faith in our capabilities.  We believe we can do anything. Be anything.  A pop star.  A princess. A major league pitcher.  We wish for something and have total faith it will come true.  But as adults, we build up years of unmet expectations.  Past disappointments turn into self doubt.  And too often, we lose faith in any chance of success. 

That all changes when we ask "What if?"  In our work, we might ask: What if we didn't do things the way we do?  What if we had a bigger budget to communicate with our employees?  What if I could prove such an investment would make us more profitable?  Write them all down.  Without restriction. Give yourself permission to dream. 

When we help clients prepare for the new year, we often start with a Wish List.  We ask them to make a list of what needs to change to make their job easier and their organization more successful.  They might list improvements to objective measures, for example recruitment, retention, and productivity.  Or, softer measures like engagement, wellness, and work-life balance.  Then we prioritize, and list the communications activities that will help them reach each goal.  Suddenly... they have the makings of a Plan.

They feel great!  They TRUST that they're giving their best effort to improving the status quo.  And, they have FAITH that senior leadership supports their initiative.

We can't promise you'll get everything on your wish list. But in the words of hockey great Wayne Gretzky:  You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

If you could improve your employee communications, would you take a shot?

Our goal is to help make your employee communications as efficient and effective as possible. We will work with you to solve problems, or plan the future.  

Learn how by contacting us at (203) 761-8841 or by emailing Jeff at [email protected].