What Do You Think Employees Find Most Surprising About Wellness Programs?


The ease of participating? The savings they earn? The fewer doctor visits?

Not according to the research on today's $10 billion Wellness industry.

What surprises employees most about Wellness Programs is that their company offers this benefit in the first place!

When it comes to reasons why employees don’t participate in Wellness programs, lack of awareness ranks #1 by far. Some studies report up to 70% of employees say they didn’t know their company offered a Wellness program.

It's a common frustration. Most organizations tell us they're really good at launching all kinds of “initiatives,” but really bad at communicating them in a way that gets employees engaged and participating. They devote plenty of resources to creating Wellness programs – people, time and money – but precious few to helping employees understand and appreciate them. For us, and our clients at XL, it's the difference between launching a program "to" employees and launching a program "for" employees. We only do the latter.

Claiming success as soon as an initiative comes off the project list is a shortsighted view and guaranteed to deny your investment any chance for long term returns.

Our goal is to make your employee communications as efficient, effective, and profitable as possible. We will work with you to solve problems or plan the future. But we need to hear your story.

If you could improve participation in your Wellness Program, would you? See how we might help.