What Exactly is the Ripple Effect and How Does it Impact Communications?


Drop a small stone into a pool of water and you get ripples that expand and extend outward.

Employee communications work in much the same way. Short, purpose-driven messages can spread through an organization and create a growing impact. You get a lot more out than you put in. Start with a thoughtful plan that drops small important initiatives into your communications program, and over time you’ll notice positive results spreading across a variety of measures.

• Higher engagement – when you share information, employees are more likely to become advocates for your organization. They give maximum effort to finding ways to achieve company goals, and they make it a choice to STAY and grow with the company.

• Higher retention – when employees choose to stay with the company, you spend less time and money searching for talent, interviewing, and on-boarding new hires.

• Lower absenteeism – when employees are involved and engaged, they spend more time at work, take fewer sick days, and lower your disability costs.

• Higher productivity – with fewer absences and a renewed commitment to company goals, employees are more efficient and effective at helping you to increase profits.

• Improved readership – over time, employees come to recognize and appreciate your regular communication. They read and respond to important messages and learn where to find additional information. As a result, you and your team spend less time answering questions and more time on strategic planning.

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